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A bicycle trip along the Baltic coast of Eastern Germany 1998

Arkona Bylten Lighthouse Graal Hiddensee Jasmund Kloster Neuendorf Althager Sellin Signalmasthug Strand
Map of the Eastern Baltic coast of Germany                                                                                                © Watercolour by Ole Jacobi
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From Denmark to Germany

Saturday 11 July 1998

Departure from Trørød in driving rain. The train trip from Copenhagen to Gedser goes without a hitch, as does the trip on the ferry from Gedser to Rostock in Germany. The ferry harbour in Rostock is situated a fair distance from the city in an industrial landscape which on a late Saturday afternoon is quite devoid of people. Unfortunately it is also devoid of any kind of message for trafficants who do not travel in cars. So, after several abortive attempts we end up on something very close to a motorway which seems to be the only connection between the ferry harbour and the town centre of Rostock. Fortunately, there is hardly any traffic at this hour, so we reach the old centre of the town without any trouble and find a room in a very nice old harbour house for which they charge us 139 DM, breakfast included.

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