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 A Bicycle Trip to Scotland and the Western Isles July 2000      dansk
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Monday 3 July 2000

The opening of the new bridge from Denmark to Sweden, Øresundsbroen, with a new railway timetable creates more or less chaos in the train traffic, extending the trip from our local station to the Copenhagen Airport : Kastrup to more than twice its usual length of time. However, after much confusion and changing of trains, we arrive at the new Terminal 2 at Kastrup and check in with no further difficulties, bikes and all. We fly with British Airways from Copenhagen to Birmingham, and change to another flight to Glasgow, arriving at 2 o'clock  at Glasgow Airport in Paisley.

We are heading towards Dumbarton to the west of Glasgow, where we have booked a hotel room, skipping the town itself until we return for our flight home in a fortnight. As usual, finding a way out of the airport is difficult, with one abortive attempt ending up in a green meadow with no visible exit, until a kind taxi-driver takes pity on us and shows us the right way, heading towards the Erskine Bridge across the Clyde. The traffic is fairly heavy, but we manage to find the right way as described, and arrive at our hotel at Dumbarton around 5. An old-fashioned hotel with apparently very few guests, not very luxurious at the price, £74 for a room with breakfast. After dinner we take a stroll around Dumbarton which seems to be a town dominated by an industrial past which is now over. Many derelict factories and many flats for sale in the town, and yet a lot of building is going on, great housing estates with romantic names and not very attractive architecture, so some money must be in circulation. A perfect mild evening with Dumbarton Castle on its high rock overlooking the Clyde.


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