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 Watercolors from California 2010
Point Pedras Blanca
Point Pedras Blanca, California, USA.                                                                                 © Ole Jacobi, February 2010
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22 Feb 2010

Reunion with the family was sweet, and we spent the first weekend with them on a car trip north along Highway 1 to Big Sur where we ended up at Deetjen´s Hotel, a wonderful collection of wooden houses deep in the forest on the wild coast. On the return trip to Los Angeles, we were put down with our bikes at Point Pedras Blancas, our starting point for the next few days´ bike tour. The road here runs on a level with the sea, and there was the amazing sight of huge sea lions lying among the rocks on the beach.

We started off some time after noon in perfect weather, a long way from the ice and snow we had left at home in Denmark, and we even had the wind at our backs. Not many cars either, so it felt quite safe to ride on the shoulder of the road which was marked with bike signs. On the one hand we had the Pacific Ocean, and on the other a large, pastoral landscape with grazing cows and horses. After about 23 kms we stopped at a small town called Cambria where we found a motel a little out of town with a wonderful view of the sea. So close to the ocean, of course we had fish for dinner at one of the many restaurants in the town, very good too.

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text and watercolour by Susanne and Ole Jacobi