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 Watercolors from California 2010
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From Denmark to California USA

17 Feb 2010

The decision to bring our own Brompton bikes to USA proved to be something of a problem. A condition of the cheap flight we bought from Lufthansa was that only one bag per person (23 kgs) was allowed, and that bicycles had to be paid for separately at a cost of 300 Euros for a return ticket which was almost as much again, as our tickets cost. We found the solution by buying a special bag for one folding bike, and for the other getting the packing case the shop had received the bike in. The bag was quite expensive, but not as expensive as the flight ticket, and has the advantage that we can use it again and again. The problem now was to find room for our clothes and accessories next to the bikes, but with a bit of restraint that problem was solved too.

Now we were ready for the long flight with a change of planes at Munich before going on to Los Angeles where we were going to visit some of our family. Taking a cheap flight these days involves standing in line for hours on end. First at check-in and then at the security check and finally at the gate, but we managed all that and found our cramped seats for the long journey. Many hours later, stiff in the legs and tired out, we arrived at Los Angeles Airport and took a taxi to our hotel which we had booked beforehand.  

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text and watercolour by Susanne and Ole Jacobi