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Mynydd Graig Goch
Mynydd Graig Goch, Wales                                                                                       © Watercolour by Ole Jacobi, July 1997

Llandwrog to Llanbedrog
Sunday 20 July 1997

On a quiet Sunday morning with perfect weather, we went down the Leyn Peninsula, again on lovely small country roads, making our first stop at Pwllheli, another beach resort with a promenade and a great stretch of sand. By now it had turned really warm, and we thought about bathing, but couldn't be bothered. So on we went, this time on the main road to the next little town, Llannbedrog. Arrived there, we found a fantastic Victorian mansion with an exhibition of contemporary local artists, most of whom left us cold, but there were one or two very good ones in between. The small town itself is situated up a very steep hill, so after the cool Victorian mansion, we worked our way up the hill and found a nice and cheap B&B (£12,50 p.p.) on the top. The woman there, another Welsh-speaker, recommended a pub "a mile up the road", but luckily we decided we were too tired to go far, so took the nearest pub which was very good. The next morning, when we took the road, she had showed us to the pub, it was 4 kms downhill all the way which meant it would have been a very tiring trip back after dinner, if we had followed her advice.