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 A Trip to the Isle of Gotland, Sweden July 2001                                                                          dansk
Lergravsvik, Gotland                                                                                                         © Ole Jacobi July 2001

Sunday 15 July 2001

Our goal today is Slite on the East coast where we have booked a room for the night. Wisdom has it that the third day is always the hardest, and certainly we are a little slow today. We’ve also got the wind against us most of the way, but otherwise the weather is fine with only a few drops of rain. These fall while we’re  inside Hellvi church, one of the pilgrim churches on the pilgrim route across Gotland from the East coast where some saint alighted in medieval times to Visby. But before that, at the start of the day’s journey, we visited Bunge church with some wonderful frescoes from the 14th C. A jolly organist told us about the church organ, a fine example of a Baroque organ and gave us a taste of its music.
The landscapes we pass through today following "Gotlandsleden" are mostly mixed woodlands alternating with farm country. Slite, when we reach it, turns out to be dominated by an enormous cement works with its own harbour. I imagine the hotel mostly serves visitors to the works, as it does not advertise itself, and no tourists are in sight ? but very nice, with a small kitchen where we can make our own breakfast.

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