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 A Trip to the Isle of Gotland, Sweden July 2001                                                                         .dansk
Gunpowder magazine, Visby, Gotland                                                                                                         © Ole Jacobi July 2001

Friday 13 July 2001

Today weíre up early to get a good start, and eat our breakfast on a bench overlooking the Baltic in marvellous weather. The wind is still strong from the SW, and we take the marked cycle path that goes around Gotland, the "Gotlandleden" which will take us most of the way to our destination. The first part of the way is through woods with many small summer houses between the trees. Then we go through farming country with many small farms along the way. We pass several churches, and at Stenkyrka church, thereís a café connected to the church which comes at a very opportune moment, when a heavy shower threatens. Coffee and buns at Stenkyrka parish hall, and then itís out in the rain which never stops for the next couple of hours. You donít notice so much of the landscape when it rains, itís just battling through the weather. But everything is very green, and the roadsides explode with wild flowers, mostly blue, perhaps because of the chalky underground which covers all Gotland, and which has been mined for centuries and exported all over Scandinavia. We visit several beautiful old churches on our way, not just to get out of the rain, but also to admire some marvellous carvings in the local stone and the many frescos. Finally the rain stops for the last 20 kms, so that we arrive in a fairly dry condition at Fårösund, where a nice hotel room awaits us. No trouble sleeping tonight!

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