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 A Trip to the Isle of Gotland, Sweden July 2001                                                            dansk
Stora Karlsö and Lilla Karlsö and the windmill in Klintehamn, Gotland                                                        © Ole Jacobi July 2001

Thursday 19 July 2001

Today we move to another room, smaller but with a bath right next to it. Itís a wonderful day, sun shining, and we go to nearby Klintehamn to post our letters and shop for lunch. While weíre there, we discover a launderette operated by the gas station and decide to grab the opportunity to wash all our dirty clothes. What with fetching the laundry from Gannarve, shopping, lunching and washing and tumbling, most of the day is gone. Thereís time for a ride around, and just outside Klintehamn we find another ship burial at Rannarve where there are 5 ships linked by their prow stones. Itís a lovely place in the middle of a wood. Then itís time to eat and we ride out to Warfsholm, a hotel and restaurant on a small peninsula near the harbour at Klintehamn and have a lovely dinner.

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