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 A Trip to the Isle of Gotland, Sweden July 2001                                                                  dansk
Riding school, Gannave, Fröjel, Gotland                                                                                                         © Ole Jacobi July 2001

Wednesday 18 July 2001

We decided last night that we would put our fate in the hands of the Gotland Tourist Service in Visby, and ask them to book rooms for us for the rest of the trip. They take an hour to find out that they can do absolutely nothing for us, so with the help of the girls from the Yellow Hen, we manage to secure rooms for the next two nights, tonight at "Gannarvegården", a hotel/hostel near Klintehamn on the West coast.
After a rainy day with not many highlights, we arrive here at Gannarve where thereís a splendid ship burial right next to the house where weíre staying. Itís an old place, and we get a large room (no bath) where we use our own bedlinen which weíve been carrying around all the way from Denmark. Thereís a café here which promises well.After a ham and vegetable pie at the café, we decide we have to do something about lodgings for the rest of the holiday, so we collect our loose change and get busy on the phone. Itís a patchwork ? the last two nights at Suderby, quite close to Visby, where we catch our flight home on Tuesday next. One night at Stora Karlsö, an island half an hourís boattrip from Klintehamn, and thereís Friday night missing. Our kind hostess here at Gannarvegården takes pity on us, and offers us a room for both Thursday and Friday night, so after calling up and cancelling our accomodation at Tofta for Thursday, we are finally able to relax.

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