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Zion's church, the hospital and the rural deanery with Disko in the distance                               © Water-colour by Ole Jacobi 1996
Jakobshavn has developed a lot and may be difficult to recognize, but down by the old Zion's church, everything is as it was.

The Bay of Disko is like a mirror filled with icebergs and in the distance, 50 kms away, Disko Island is visible.

Thursday 22 August 1996

After today's breakfast, we evaluate the Greenland course. Many positive new ideas about the future conduct of the course are put forward. But by and large, there is satisfaction all round, great satisfaction.

Kristian has been put on a waiting-list for a helicopter-trip to the ice cap. He's lucky and gets his chance!

Lotte and Helena go to the police station to report a theft of new boots and running shoes at the Youth Hostel.

In the course of the day, one after another of the "poor" students turn up in seal skin anoraks;
4.700 Dkr a piece, bought at the Tourist Office. We don't want to hear any more complaints about the size of students' grants!

Arne, Jacobi and I walk down to the small skin workshop owned by the Ilulissat council where Jacobi buys a pair of seal skin slippers for his grandson. They are warm and real nice.

Just across from the workshop, on Mathias Storch road, lies the Naalakatta Illua church. The church has been moved here from the dismantled coal-mining village, Qutdligssat on the Disko Island. When the mining operations had come to an end, the village was dismantled in 1975-76, and the population, about 1400 people, had to leave home and work, which naturally took place under strong local protest and distress and much attention from the outside.

Then Arne and I go to the Greenland Travel Bureau and talk to Lars Torning about an offer for prospective courses in the next few years. He's very interested and would like to present us with a package solution.

For the last meal at "Naleraq", Jacob Lindbo has put up a buffet. It includes: seal soup, boiled seal, spare ribs, French fries, shrimps, halibut, salmon, eggs, baked potatoes and a salad. It's a great success, and Arne summons the whole kitchen staff, so we may give them a hand.

Then there's packing and cleaning to do at the Youth Hostel.

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