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 Watercolors from California 2010
Turri Road
Turri Road, California, USA.                                                                                                   © Ole Jacobi, February 2010
Location: Google maps
Thursday 25. February 2010

It was worth waiting a day for better weather. Today there are blue skies and no wind, so we start off by going through Morro Bay State Park, a nice quiet area with no traffic to speak of. In the park, the second of the Nine Sisters, the Black Hill, is located. It is a chain of volcanic plugs which starts with Morro Rock and continues in a more or less straight line to San Luis Obispo, the town we are heading for today. After the park we get on to South Bay Boulevard, the road to Los Osos, for a short stretch. There´s a lot of traffic, but fortunately we turn off quite soon on to Turri road which is a quiet country road leading through a wonderful landscape of gentle green hills with grazing cattle, and with a view of some of the Nine Sisters. It is a perfect day in a marvellous setting, but all too soon we turn on to Los Osos Valley Road, another busy road, which takes us via Foothill Road to San Luis Obispo, where we can observe the 8th of the Nine Sisters, Cerro San Luis, on the outskirts of the town. The town takes its name from the Franciskan mission founded here in 1772, San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. It´s a nice town with many trees and some old houses, and ordinary bikers around. We go directly to the Amtrak station which serves the Pacific Surfliner which will take us back to Los Angeles tomorrow and buy tickets for the 6,45 train. Then we find a cheap motel not too far from the station, and after a nice meal at an Italian restaurant, we have an early night.

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text and watercolour by Susanne and Ole Jacobi