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 Watercolors from California 2010
Shell Beach
Shell Beach, California, USA.                                                                                                             © Ole Jacobi, February 2010
Location: Google maps
Friday 26. February 2010

The train is at the station well before departure, so there is time to get the folding bikes and our gear on board the double-decker train in good order. There´s a restaurant car where we buy a small breakfast, otherwise we enjoy the view from the windows, going back the way we came on Saturday by car with wonderful views of the Pacific coast, the train sometimes going so close to the ocean that you are afraid the rails might drop into the sea. The train is not overcrowded, and the service is very good and most helpful. We arrive at Los Angeles Union Station at noon, and are most impressed with this »last of America´s great rail stations« from 1939. It looked for a time in the 1970s as if it would lose its importance, but with the new Metrolink in California, it has had a renaissance.

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text and watercolour by Susanne and Ole Jacobi