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 Watercolors from California 2010
Morro Rock
Morro Rock, California, USA.                                                                                                   © Ole Jacobi, February 2010
Location: Google maps
Wednesday 24. February 2010

The day starts off with rain, and as the weather report promises more of the same, we decide to take another day in the town and take a closer look at the Rock. Yesterday we could see it clearly from the window of our hotel, but today it´s quite hidden from view by the fog. We bike to the end of the Embarcadero getting a good view of all the shops on the way, mostly with surfing equipment and souvenirs, and of the harbour with many fishing vessels, some of them very old and rusty and seemingly out of use. There is also a coast guard ship which has just come in, and is surrounded by a group of curious bystanders. There´s a strong wind today, and further out, there seems to be some small boats struggling with the waves to get out of the harbour, but without success. After the end of the street, there is a hardtop path leading to the rock itself and the beach beyond. The top of the rock is shrouded in mist, but from the foot of the cliff we can see many birds and the lush vegetation growing in the crevices of the cliff. The wind is blowing very strongly out here, so after a short walk along the wide deserted beach, we bike back to the hotel. Another fish restaurant tonight, we are really sampling the local fish dishes.

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text and watercolour by Susanne and Ole Jacobi