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 Watercolors from California 2010
Estero Bay
Estero Bay, California, USA.                                                                                                   © Ole Jacobi, February 2010
Location: Google maps
The first stop is on a meadow near the ocean with a view of Estero Bay with Morro Rock in the background. Next stop is Cayucos where we eat clam chowder for lunch. As we come closer to the town of Morro Bay, the traffic is intensified, and the noise of the cars as well, so we are pleased to turn off the highway and take the Main Street through Morro Bay. The street along the harbour, the Embarcadero is clearly a place for tourists, but being here off-season, there are not many people about, and the shops are mostly empty, if not closed. There is quite a large harbour with many fishing vessels and moorings for yachts off shore. The Morro Rock, which has given its name to the town, is an 176 meters high volcanic plug, an imposing landmark situated at the entrance to the harbour at the northern end of Embarcadero. It is the home of many species of birds which can also be seen on the beach surrounding it. It is not difficult to find accomodation in the middle of the week and at this time of the year, so we find a nice hotel with a view of the rock. More fish for dinner at one of the many fish restaurants in town.

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text and watercolour by Susanne and Ole Jacobi